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Soundrpandiapuram Facebook Group

Please visit us on our facebook group -

This facebook group is created for Soundrapandiapuram people. Being located at different countries in the globe, it was never easy for our village members to be in touch with each other, until the facebook group was created.

There are more than 200 active members in the group, who share their views and updates in regular basis. Since the people from Soundrapandiapuram are universally spread around, this group acts as a good forum for all of us to discuss about village activities, development & other useful information about our village & related topics. It creates a good bonding among our people ...Even though the people are miles apart, this social network /forum make us to feel the essence of our native by keeping in touch with all our friends, neighbors & everyone. - It is a closed group and approval will be granted based on request.

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