SOUHAI STARS    from Soundrapandiapuram

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Soundrpandiapuram Cricket Ground

The Souhai Stars Cricket Ground (SSCG) is a sports stadium located in the inner part of St. Aloysius Church property - Koil Villai, the home to the Soundrapandiapuram (SPP) Cricket Club. This largest ground of SPP is located within the walking distance of the village centre. This cricket ground was established in 1980s, the Soundrapandiapuram Cricket Club (SCC) selected the current cricket ground site in 1982 after previously playing at several grounds around SPP.

The foundation stone & the pitch were laid by the senior players like Mr. Francis, Mr. Jyothi, Mr. Ilango, Mr. Prabhakar, Mr.Raju, Mr. Maria Raja, Mr. Joseph Baskar Mr. Gnana Sekaran, Mr. Sahaya Benildus and Mr. Ashok under the guidance of Mr. D. John Bosco (considered as the Father of SPP Cricket). In subsequent years conditions at this ground improved well and became a hot cricket spot. Despite being called as Cricket Ground, the stadium has been and continues to be used much more often for other games like Volley Ball, Flying kites.etc.

Many of the earlier matches had been played between the various teams of SPP itself, where the home team always uses to dominate other under the captaincy of Mr. Francis. But in the later junctures, matches were carried out with the neighbor villages like Kallikulam, Durai Kudiuruppu, Radhapuram and Vadakkankulam, where again the home team dominated. Mr. Francis was the star batsman of all the good/bad times.

In 1990s big cracks had appeared in the pitch during very hot seasons play and on the rest days, they used to water the pitch to close them up. And it wasn't long before the ground was forced out again, this time because of the expansion of the village. The wickets were changed from an east-west orientation to north-south.

And in 21st century, it was the next generation of payers renowned as Souhai Stars started playing in this ground with various village teams around and some of the other SPP teams as well. This team included players like Alex Dony, Micheal Rajkar, Brucelee Selvaraj, Aloysius Jesastin, Gnana Kishore, Christian Raja, Antony Satheesh, Baskar (Kanai), Sudalayandi, Gnana Suresh Domonic, Romilton, and Jerlin Jenies dominated all the matches and have won various tournament titles.

Currently there are matches being played during the weekends, but unfortunately as the area is subject to sale forcing the ground to move again, this time to little deep in the South. Although the locality of ground moves from place to place, the sports spirit, courage, guts, bravery and the talent have never moved out of the Souhai Stars.