SOUHAI STARS    from Soundrapandiapuram

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Soundrpandiapuram Paalam

The Paalam is a small bridge in our native which connects other places in the south. A small channel runs below which is always dry, hardly get to see water until it rains. This is situated in the south of Soundrapandiapuram and it is very close to the Sounhai Stars Cricket Ground (SSCG)

Youngsters use the bridge for various purposes. Sometimes they are found over the bridge and sometimes under the bridge. It is a mystery as to what they do under the bridge. Stuffs like cigarette buds, gutkha packets and liquor bottles are found over as well as under the bridge. we all know why and how. When it rains, the water flowing in the channel washes away all these particles. They use this bridge as a discussion or meeting place and also as a place to hide from the burning sun. After playing cricket for hours, youngsters use this place as Pavilion to take rest as this place is cool and shadowy.

Elderly gentlemen always have some topic to sit on this and discuss, but not sure whether they were able to come to a conclusion or not. Even though, they were able to come to a conclusion, we are not how many were implemented. It served as a round table for conference, without any real purpose. You can get to know about the happenings in the native because everything is discussed here. It is a place where information is exchanged amongst elders.

Men may come, men may go, but this bridge still stands strong. It has helped to bridge the gap between people with different opinions and ideas. It has helped to build harmony and integrity among people. Long live the bridge of Souhai ..